The Sun Yat-sen University Library was founded in 1924. It is the information resource and service center of the Sun Yat-sen University. In the past few years, according to the teaching and research demands,constant construction of information resource has been made to develop the school's information resource service platform, in order to explore and upgrade its functions and provide higher-quality information service of various levels.

The SYSU Library is wealthy in literature resources. Since the construction and development in the previous decades, a literature resource system of full range, rich content,rational structure and clear category has been established. Up to December 2012, the collection of the SYSU library had reached over 5 million paper items including around 400,000 ancient books, 4,396 kinds of Chinese paper journals, 2,142 kinds of journals in foreign languages with over 150,000 items increasing annally, 23,000 kinds of Chinses electronic journals, over 23,000 kinds of foreign language electronic journals, 909,800 Chinese e-books, 311,000 foreign e-books; 300 kinds of CDs and network databases and over 35,000 CD/DVDs as well.

The SYSU Library system consists of 4 campus libraries including the Main Library (in South Campus), the Medical Library( in North Campus), the East Campus Library, the Zhuhai Campus Library and 3 sub-libraries including the Economy and Management sub-library, the Biology library and the Chemistry library. The total construction area is about 110,000 square metres, with 6965 seats for readers and 455 service terminals to searching.

Now the SYSU Library has a completely upgraded LAN in a much higher speed than ever before. A united and automatic management system is applied in the 4 campus libraries and 3 sub-libraries. A conveniently distributed and digitalized information service network has been built, realising the co-development, co-acknowledgement and sharing of data resource and the unimpeded circulation of the library's materials.

The SYSU Library persistently works towards the idea of equity,opening and sharing,with "Wisdom & Service" as its motto, continuing to improve its service functions and service quality. The SYSU Library has introduced the latest 3M security monitoring system, and applied the mode of combining collection, borrowing, reading and network services together. The libraries' opening hours are more than 100 hours per week with network service for 24 hours a day. Besides regular circulation service, it also provides digital services including catalogue searching, new books notification, CD and network database searching, multimedia resources, VOD demand online service, virtual reference, interlibrary loan, network education and training, subject information navigation and further services.

The the SYSU Library has 3 institutes including the Library and Information Science Institute, the Medical Information Institute and the Chinese Ancient Literature Institute. Since 1996, the Medical Information Institute edited and published the quarterly Medical Information Essential. the SYSU Library pays much attention to the improvement of the librarians' qualifications, successfully holding a range of projects involving areas such as library science, philology, ancient books preservation and digitalization. At present, the SYSU Library is taking charge of some big projects including the "Digitalization for Inscriptiong Rubbing of the SYSU Library " sponsored by American Lingnan Fundation, the "CALIS Special Database Project" of Chinese Ministry of Education, and the "Great Pearl River Delta Database".

The SYSU Library is the Center of China Academic Library & Information System of South China , the Base of CALIS Digital Library, the Center of China Academic Social Sciences & Humanities Library of South China, one of the 16 Literature Information Centers of Chinese Ministry of Education, the Arts Special Funds beneficiary and the Sci-Tech Novelty Search Workstation of Chinese Ministry of Education. Being the world-class library—the SYSU Library is stepping forward to this goal.